Flash Talks -Session 01

Monday 8 April, 16:35 – 16:50

Development, Room 522

16:35 – 16:38     Merijn Kerstens, Wageningen University and Research, “Ultraconserved-like non-coding sequences drive PLT2 expression”

16:38 – 16:41     Francesca Bellinazzo, Wageningen University and Research, “Optimizing lettuce Root System Architecture: a translational approach”

16:41 – 16:43     Zhang Jiang, Utrecht University, “Effects of pectin methyl esterase inhibitor application on the activation of salinity responses in plants”

16:43 – 16:46     Jesse Küpers, Wageningen University and Research, “Can green be seen? Studying Sgreen light photoreception”

Cell Biology, Room 558

16:35 – 16:38     Annalisa Bellandi, ENS Lyon, France, “Glutamate as a spatio-temporal integrator between mechanosensing and microtubule behaviour”

16:38 – 16:41     Penka Pavlova, Wageningen University and Research, “Spatial organization and dynamics of heterochromatin in nuclei of Arabidopsis thaliana”

16:41 – 16:43     Ingo Nettersheim , TU Delft, “Can We Grow Tomorrow’s Composites? “

16:43 – 16:46     Tessa Visscher, Utrecht University, “Beyond transcription: how the fate of mRNA determines plant immunity”

Genomics & Bioinformatics, Room 559

16:35 – 16:38      Gijs Selten, Utrecht University, ”Bacillus: driver of distinct functional states”

16:38 – 16:41     Charlotte Hijmans, Leiden University, “Transporters as Bio-Engineering Tools to Improve the Heterologous Production of the Antidiabetic Specialized Metabolite Montbretin A”

16:41 – 16:43     Sofia Bengoa Luoni, Wageningen University and Research, “Using Nanopore for differencial expression analysis “

16:43 – 16:46     Tobias Staacke, Leiden University, “Chasing heat: unveiling the secrets of thermomemory”

Plant-Microbe Interactions , Room Zuiderduinzaal

16:35 – 16:38     Victor Sanchez-Camargo, University of Amsterdam, “Orthogonal organic phase separation. A powerful tool to study plant stress responses from an RNA-binding protein perspective”

16:38 – 16:41     Xinya Pan, NIOO-KNAW, “Unlocking inner power: activation of beneficial bacterial traits in the endosphere by pathogen infection”

16:41 – 16:43      Julia Mars, Utrecht University, “Microbes for stress resilient roots”

16:43 – 16:46     Daniela Sueldo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, “Molecular bases of plant cell death in Arabidopsis, tomato, and a marine diatom”