Flash Talks -Session 01

Session: Biotic Interactions I (Room: Air)

Chair: Daniel Zendler, University of Amsterdam

17:05 -17:10   Margarita Simkovicova, University of Amsterdam
“Combating Vascular Diseases: Identifying the “Guardians” of the Xylem Sap”

17:10 -17:15   Juan Sanches, Utrecht University
“Identification of the conserved iol gene cluster involved in rhizosphere competence in Pseudomonas”

17:15-17:20    Misha Pauw, University of Amsterdam
“The Battle in the Hydathodes”

Session: Genomics  (Room: Water)

Mariana Silva Artur, Wageningen University and Research

17:05 -17:10   Tom Theeuwen, Wageningen University and Research
“A novel cytoplasmic male sterility system discovered in Arabidopsis thaliana”

 17:10 -17:15  Pamela Afopke, Wageningen University and Research
“Broad mites resistance in African jute mallow”

17:15 – 17:20   Dirk-Jan van Workum, Wageningen University and Research
“Lactuca super-pangenome reveals importance of presence/absence variation for lettuce breeding”

Session: Physiology (Room: Fire)

Chair: Melissa Leeggangers, Utrecht University

17:05 -17:10   Elmar van der Wijk, Radboud University Nijmegen
“Unravelling the cis-regulatory mechanisms of the stress-responsive Phytoglobin 1 gene at a single-cell resolution by integrating ‘omics in Arabidopsis thaliana”

 17:10 -17:15  Priyanka Chopra, Leiden University
“Remember or die: when plants face recurring heat stress events”

17:15 – 17:20  Tom Rankenberg, Utrecht University
“Flooding resilience is determined by leaf age”