Parallel Session 02

Parallel Session 02

Session: Biotic Interactions II (Room: Air)

Chair: Daniel Zendler, University of Amsterdam

15:45-16:05        Arezoo Rahimi, Leiden University

“A flavobacterium-induced ERF transcription factor promotes root hair formation and alleviates drought stress in Arabidopsis “

16:05-16:25        Gijs Selten, Utrecht University
“Dissecting bacterial root colonization strategies using complex synthetic communities on diverse hosts”

16:25-16:45        Valerie Buijs,  KNAW
“A glimpse into mycology research at the NVWA”

16:45-17:05        Pedro Beschoren da Costa , Wageningen University and Research
“Family Comamonadaceae and Order Rhizobiales respond to Jasmonic Acid induction in Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica oleracea”

Session: Genomics II (Room: Water)

Chair: Mariana Silva Artur, Wageningen University and Research

15:45-16:05        Iqbal Maulana, Wageningen University and Research
“Co-expression transcriptomics analysis reveals genotype-dependent gene expression regulation in M. hapla – tomato interaction”

16:05-16:25        Dong Zhang,  Wageningen University and Research
“Effectoromics-Based identification of Synchytrium endobioticum resistance: A Breakthrough in mining for resistance against obligate biotrphic pathogens.”

16:25-16:45        Mandy Ravensbergen,  Wageningen University and Research
“RNA-dependent RNA polymerases and an epigenetic RNAi defense strategy against geminiviruses”

16:45-17:05        Nam Hoang, Wageningen University and Research
“The Gynandropsis gynandra genome provides insights into whole-genome duplications and the evolution of C4 photosynthesis in Cleomaceae”

Session: Physiology (Room: Fire)

Chair: Melissa Leeggangers, Utrecht University

15:45-16:05        Ludovico Caracciolo, Wageningen University and Research

“3D analysis of chloroplasts in folio”

16:05-16:25        Lisa Oskam,  Utrecht University
“Leaf movement dynamics in response to light and auxin”

16:25-16:45        Phuong Nguyen,  Wageningen University and Research
“Bridging phenomics, genomics and bioengineering: Genetic research of photosynthesis efficiency”

16:45-17:05        Kees Ketting, Wageningen University and Research
“Uncovering mRNA storage and translation in seeds”